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We are offering great promotion for our customers this year, Three rooms in price of two,

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Professional carpet cleaning with results leaving you satisfied and happy with the choice you made. clean with DMcarpetclean.

Currently we are running a great promotion for customers in Cardiff. All those who have three carpets to clean are eligible to this offer of £50 for the cleaning. Call for a free quotation and consultation. We have a great deal of experience with carpet cleaning raging from simple refreshing of carpets to deep cleaning after builders or even mould cleaning which presents more challenging conditions. For this particular reason, we assess the carpets before cleaning as this gives us a better understanding of the method that have to be used for a most effective cleaning

In a situation where carpets have to be simply cleaned for refreshing purposes, we ensure that there are no spots to be preconditioned before the carpet cleaning. If there are many particles on the carpet, this will require pre hovering before the wet cleaning. In other words, checking the carpets is a great opportunity for our carpet cleaner to see any spots to be preconditioned.

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Carpet cleaning is essential for a fresher look and smell at your home. For this reason we will ensure that any unfixed furniture will be moved. That is why it takes time to prepare the room for carpet cleaning and we understand that some stages cannot be rushed without a right planning.

After preparing the room and liberating the space for an optimal cleaning, the next stage consists of removing stains with actual fibre irritation that will make any hard stains removable and further cleaning more effective. This is a very crucial stage during which heavy traffic areas will not be completely clean.

After pre-irritating the carpet, the next stage of spot cleaning and heavy traffic areas will take place. This will present opportunity to further examine the carpets for special treatment. Spray and extract method allow for greater results and for much of the dirt to be removed from the carpet allowing the fresh look of your carpet to show. As you can remember your carpets when you first got it; how fresh and clean they were. Our target at DMcarpet clean and as carpet cleaners is to make sure your carpets are as good as new and fresh

With our working experience in carpet cleaning in Cardiff, our team have gained understanding that quality and satisfaction is of great importance, that is why we are here to listen to your feedback and we will greatly appreciate any input in the freeindex or that will reflect the professional nature of our business and service.

Cardiff is a great place to work and live, Our business is located in the centre of Cardiff as we understand that your convenience is very important in selecting carpet cleaners in the area. For this reason, we present a great flexibility in time and availability Furthermore, giving all the required information on the day of cleaning will ensure that planning can be done for the rest of the day without any disturbance.

Some of the additional treatments that we offer

  • Carpet treatmentswith pets in the house
  • Odour removal using our secret techniques.
  • Fleas treatment with professional detergents
  • Mould removal and treatment
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Car valeting
  • Car seats cleaning

Our aim is to achieve complete SATISFACTION from our carpet cleaning jobs.

Photo gallery of before and after

upholstery cleaning

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