Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got the insurance?

Yes we have public liability insurance, we have to be notified with in 24h after the cleaning for our insurer to be able to proceed.

How do I pay for Carpet cleaning?

You can pay in fallowing way:
Pay with cheque
Pay with cash

How long does it take for carpet to be dry?

It takes up to two hours, however before moving furniture at least 3 to 5 h should be given. Mainly depending on the air movement within the room and how worm it is in the house.

How to keep my carpet fresh?

This is very individual question, if there is mould issue in the house then I would refer to website about mould cleaning, if this is about high traffic areas we would recommend to hoover it often and have it washed with baking soda.

Can you remove pet odour and pee?

Yes we can and we will show you how to maintain your carpet fresh for longer.

How often should a carpet be cleaned?

With most of our customers we see that they clean carpets every 8 months to keep it fresh. However this may different in case of some heavy traffic areas that are exposed to many occupants or life style of the household occupants. That is why we recommend to clean carpet when you feel that they look dirty and need to be refreshed.

Can you remove coffee, tea, wine etc…?

We have high rate of stain removal, however some stains can be permanent and in this situation we cannot guaranty complete removal of stains from the area. Amateur stain removal can turn those stains in to the permanent ones, so we recommend professional treatment of them as quickly as it is possible.

What is your method of cleaning the carpets and upholstery?

We use spray and extract method (washing method), this is one of the best in the industry to remove stains and to keep your carpet fresh for longer and to extract deep soilage from the carpet.

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