Blog redesign

We are currently working on new redesign of website, mainly our blog section and by this will be looking to improve customer experience. This is going to take some time to finish, as I wish to copy pages from original blog to new blog that is generating some healthy organic traffic. Which I am very happy to see and looking forward for more development in this area, I think that PR is going to work very effectively for my hit and visits count and by this I’ll increase my website page rank in overall.

Thanks to all this my website will be growing to provide more quality traffic, however it will not be easy on my own and I will have to hire some else to help me out with writing new content while I work on my carpet cleaning business that is taking significant chunk of my time. However I enjoy every bit of it, and will be very happy to develop my business in future.

Furthermore future is holding many changes in our organization structure and we are going to be under new limited liability structure that may help out in gaining new business in commercial area.

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