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ShareThere are many areas that you can work on in your own house, this is why you are looking at this website I'm guessing. Adding to you home can be great way of increasing value of your property or simply changing something in your environment that will make things nicer in your living habitat. From personal experience I know that increasing equity is very good way to get two birds with one stone. I have extended my property with extra roof room and this have given me good satisfaction and place for my small office that will benefit my family and me.

However there are some other ways to make your home nice and change things a bit without spending great deal of money on it, as you can imagine adding extra room is not the cheapest thing to do. I'm going to give you few ideas how to change things without breaking your bank account:

Illuminating your kitchen differently

lighting home improvement

This is very simple thing to do and you may go away with only adding some other lighting or simply by installing light on your existing kitchen cabinets. If you are interested in changing number of light sources you are looking at some extra work with celling. This may involve you cutting thought your plastering work or celling itself, with this you may have to call a specialist to help out with this job. Interesting effect can be achieved by simply changing the colour of one of your walls and by this achieving so much different sensation of room you are at, I would recommend some bright colour to give more life to your living space.

Adding some extra furniture

How about this you could add some furniture to change the look, simple table in the corner of living room that could host some lighting will change how things present themselves. However you could rearrange some of the things to make it look differently as well. If you have dark colour wall you could add some bright furniture to make it more colourful, or let your kids paint your furniture ( no don’t do it). My nice have done some work to my wall and it took me forever to remove her art work that was making me mad over the time. Changing your bed head will make things so much nicer as well, add one with different colour or design will make a difference in your bedroom that may last for a bit.

Cheap fix to add value to your property

How about carpet cleaning that will refresh your property’s look and make it feel new and healthy again. This is inexpensive in comparison to extra room or refurnishing your kitchen, furthermore this will add greatly to you house look and. However if your carpet is showing serious wearing you may want to consider changing it all together to make a real difference. Other thing you could do is just cover it up with some nice rug that will still give the impression of freshness and this good feeling that we all strive for.

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