Car upholstery cleaning

Car cleaning:

Car cleaning is one of our areas of expertise, in future we are looking in to developing to mobile car cleaning to grow our customer base.

Our valeting service are very wide in types of cars we are working on, starting at small cars and finishing on the mobile homes and SUVs. We are using spray and extract method to clean your car and that is why it is required for the car to have some time dry after our service is completed.

Car cleaning services are very important for our company, we are making sure that every car that is under our treatment is cleaned to the specification of customer and within our recommendations. At this site of car cleaning you can see some of our photos of well cleaned cars.

Car valeting our experience from carpet and upholstery cleaning have given us great opportunity to develop wide range of services that we can deliver to our customer in Cardiff. We are specializing in the upholstery cleaning and car carpets, there are already some great results that we are very proud off. Furthermore we are offering some great price promotion for customers that have more than one car to be cleaned, this will give you great opportunity to clean your car and get with your friend to clean theirs.

Car valeting is not only side service in our range of services, that is why we are proud to show our results in our car cleaning Cardiff page of the DMcarpetclean website. There are much more resources for anyone interested. We are looking to post some videos on the cleaning process so that you can see for yourself how it is done and how magnificent results can be achieved.

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