ShareEvery pet enthusiast knows how difficult it is to maintain clean flooring while having pet in the house, this is caused my many factors. Mainly because pets tent to leave their fur and dandruff on the carpets and on furniture that is causing increased dust production in the household. However one does not have to be pot down by this very aspect of having pet, you can still maintain nice and fresh house.
Pet hair and fur

pets in the houseThose are very difficult to get off the floor if you do not have right type of hoover that will deal with hair and other, there are few solutions for you to help out in this task. Hoover regularly in the house, at least three times a week will help with this issue, remembering that not only fur is a issue. Dander is main factor causing smell in the house, this will develop over the time and can become very intense if not dealt accordingly.

Groom your pet regularly, and do it outside if possible. Not only you can enjoy weather but also you can make sure that all the hair will stay outside and in your house flaying all over it.

How to get rid of hair from upholsteries is another question that we can provide cheap solution, this will involve some sticky tape and your time. Simply take sticky side and go over your upholstery collecting the hair from it, this will prove time consuming but you can get lots of your furniture back in to its flesh looks.

How about Accidents

Those when they happen have to be dealt immediately and with right solutions, there are many cleaning solutions available in supermarkets and you can rush to get those. However I always recommend to use vinegar with water to rinse accident area and dry it as quickly as you can this way you will kill bacteria that are possibly now growing with exponential rate but also you will be able to get the smell combated immediately.

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