How often should i clean my carpets?

ShareThis depends on few factors that i will talk about in details later on, in usual circumstances most carpet manufacturers recommend to clean your carpet every 8 months as this is optimal for dust retention capacities of carpet and bacterial development that will take lace in rooms like bedroom and so on with heavy usage. for those reasons one should take personal approach to cleaning carpets, looking in to usage of the rooms and individual health conditions as this is proven that clean carpets can help with asthmatic reactions of people with sensitive respiratory system that will be strained when living in mouldy conditions and with lots of dust in the air. even clean looking carpets will present much dust in its fibers as this can be seen from cleaning those with any spray and extract method.

Often I work with carpets that on the first sight look very clean and respectable, however after washing themĀ  I can see amount of dust that is in them, and how much fresher they look.

After builders is other case, those professionals can leave much dust and no hoovering will get it all out as effectively as industrial graded washing hoover that is specially design to clean carpets to highest standard. That is why it is always recommended to clean your carpets after any work undertaken by builders that have erected dust or any other unwanted residue.

Having pets in home is a great pleasure for entire family, however one has to be aware that this lovable pets will be leaving more then only love in the room, there is usually much more dust created in households with pets and rather a lot of fur can be produced by those animals especially in time if season change. That is why some of my customers have their carpets done every three month to have their carpets freshly looking all the time despite having pet in the house.

What if im expecting new born? This is time that many people decide to clean their carpets, especially before they will start crawling as this is time when they will spend rather lots of day on the carpet. You want them clean for this occasions.

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