Protecting your carpet while doing home improvement

ShareThis is something very important, especially if you find out what will be price for professional carpet cleaning after you had some accidents with paint orother things that should not find their place on the carpet. This is what I have unfortunate opportunity to find out after I have painted my living room with this greatly looking creamy emulsion paint.

Best thing is to use tape protecting edges of your carpets at the time of painting this will be very good for quality painting and also for protecting carpets that may be very hard top clean if paint will get dry. That is why so many people prefer to get their walls painted professionally as this will prove to be cheaper in a long run and after all no one wants to spend money on things that can be totally prevented. Other than that masking tape can be your solution that will save a lot of time.

Baseboards can be tricky in some rooms, especially if we are working with those that are under funky angle or simply they are bended and this makes masking tape not sticking very well and therefore leaving more space for mistakes. Most important part of using tape if to make sure that cloth is placed on the floor to protect your carpet and floors that could otherwise be stained. This is one of very initial stages that you should be undertaking to protect the carpet.

On the other side of painting I have realised very interesting thing about my walls, one coat will not necessarily do the job. That is why it may be good idea to place few layers on the walls that are of different color then your paint. It will depend on the type of paint, and your conditions at home how long you’ll have to wait before placing another layer of your new paint before the first one will dry out.

carpet protection

Other things to have in mind:

Whenever you can all furniture should be covered or even removed from the room this will prevent any drops falling on your beloved sofa from your mother in low that could be a bit upset about incident. Other than that you can save yourself much trouble with hiring professional upholstery cleaner that are not cheap. Naturally always cover your carpet with canvas drops, and hard flooring should be protected with rosin paper.

Other than that you should remove cover plates for all switches and outlets, this will give you great results on details and save much time with detailing those still in walls. Just like your baseboard you should shelter them with overhanging tape. Beneficial thing to do with your light fixtures that cannot be removed is to cover them up using plastic bag that will protect from dropping paint.

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