Share It is very difficult condition that will affect one third of UK population, and many of those people will not even know about their condition. Unless it will develop in no more chronic stage  to which it can go as far as to serious respiratory problems or even death.  This is especially dangerous if individual in pregnant or having already pre-existing breathing conditions that. It is cause by common parasite T. Gondii, unfortunately it is very infects parasite that attacks most of the worm blooded animals.

On the good side it has to be through environment or food chain, or from parental bond in infancy. When it comes to humans it can be rarely passes from one human being to other through simply contact or even exchange of bodily fluids.  


Because of its symptoms in menu adult human being it is passed without doctor attention, and it characterize itself with simply flu symptoms without serious doctors intervention needed and not many people get diagnosed in those cases.

How it spreads

Unfortunately for cat lovers, it is from them that the bacteria is spread and delivered to humans. Furthermore there are no symptoms from a cat that he is carried this bacteria and therefore one cannot be sure if his cat is not spreading this dangerous bacteria in its tract.

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